Deocampo, Nick

Eiga : cinema in the Philippines during World War II / Nick Deocampo - Mandaluyong City : Anvil Pub., c2016 - 494 pages : illustrations + 1 videodisc of 1 (63 mins.) : sd.

with accompanying documentary film of the same title in DVD written, directed and narrated by Nick Deocampo

Cinema during the Japanese war: Philippine cinema's historical continuum, Wartime cinema, Films produced during the war, U.S. counters Japanese propaganda, War stalking local films, War's impact and legacy -- War and cinema: Winds of war over Asia, Japanese nationalism fuels territorial expansion, Film and Japan's dream of Pan-Asianism, Outbreak of World War II, Japanese war hampering growth of local movie industry -- Eigasen and Japanese film policies: Bunka Senshi (Cultural Warriors) : the Propaganda Corps, Eigasen : "Film = War", Wartime cultural policies, Contradictions in implementing Japanese cultural policies, The Motion Picture Law, Culture films, Newsreel production, Impact of Motion Picture Law in the Philippines, Motion Picture Law and film censorship, Wartime anguish in local cinema -- Japanese inventory of the local movie industry: Philippine cinema prior to the Japanese occupation, Pre-War film activities outside Manila, Inventory of pre-war movie industry, Women in pre-war cinema, Hollywood's dominance over local cinema uncovered, The emerging local movie industry, Intimations of war -- Japanese critique of Philippine cinema: Japanese critique of the local movie industry, Tsutomu Sawamura : prophet of the "new" Philippine cinema, Sawamura's notion of the "ideal cinema", Film criticism as tool to improve and transform Philippine cinema, Hidemi Kon's notion of "cultural construction", New Philippines, new cinema -- Japanese maneuvers in local film industry: Film activities immediately conducted, Under the Eiga Haikyusha, Accounts of film viewing, Film exhibition, provincial screenings, Japanese films on local screens, Censorship during the war -- Japanese propaganda films: Production of propaganda films under Japanese rule, propaganda newsreels : Nippon News, New Philippines Newsreel, etc., Full length documentary : Victory Song of the Orient, Feature films : Dawn of Freedom and Tatlong Maria, Aborted film productions -- Filipino collaboration and resistance: Theater overtaking movies in wartime Manila, Cinema and theater, Japanese collaboration, Anti-Japanese cultural resistance -- U.S. counters film propaganda: Movies and war information : U.S. policies on war films, Hollywood and war, Post-war documentaries about the Philippines, Contrasting Japanese and American propaganda film policies, Differences in wartime film policies -- Post-war trauma and recovery: Post-war film scenario, The immediate post-war film production, Austerity measures affecting post-war film growth, Post-war recovery of Cebuano cinema -- Depictions of the Japanese war in Filipino films: War-themed movies flooding local screens, The long shadow of war in Philippine cinema, Into the cold war -- Reflections on "nationalism" in wartime cinema: Towards forming Philippine cinema, Creating "national cinema" and Tsutomu Sawamura's "Aspirational Nationalism", Nationalism in Japanese wartime cinema, Sawamura's principles in attaining "National Cinema", Contrasting views of "nationalism" in cinema -- Conclusions : Impact and legacy--Philippine cinema in the aftermath of war: The Japanese war's impact on cinema, Assessment of wartime cinema, From colonial to "national" : pointing towards Philippine cinema


Motion pictures--History--Philippines

PN 1993.5 P5 / D46 2016

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